Kinguin is a massive scam — they do not pay suppliers. Do NOT buy from them anymore!

I am a supplier on Kinguin, have sold under the alias ‘PlayToday’. Kinguin currently owe me 19k EUR and refuse to pay me and do not reply to any of my messages. As a matter of fact, they are not paying any of their merchants and have scammed us all. I also have approximately an additional 4300 eurBalance on their site which I cannot do anything with. eurBalance is like credit on their website that can be used to buy items, which they have currently disabled and no longer being able to use eurBalance on their website, so its basically locked funds on their store with no ability to cash out on overpriced items or withdrawing as they do not pay. I have been waiting months and months on end with no answers.

Here is a screenshot of my account:

To answer my questions, I contacted a lot of people, I discovered that they had laid off 50+ people in Bulgaria offices and they told me that the company has no more money and that the CEO was a madman who had invested the money and had lost the money, and that he had bought jewellery and other luxuries for his wife in London. So in summary, he invested the sellers’ money in his second company (because he has a second company “romanuk investment” ) and that he lost the money as a result. So allegedly totally illegal.

He has also invested into an Esports center “hotel” and Jewellery stores in London, allegedly he also invested into his wife’s fashion career.

I am not the only one they owe money to, you can check out sellers discord over here

The CEO is now trying to recruit an investor for their in debt company, I wonder who is going to be deranged enough to invest in a company that is ran by an irresponsible person who has allegedly used sellers funds to invest into personal gains and ventures, do not get me wrong, Mr. Wanli and his wife are very wealthy.

Who is these Mr and Miss wanli that I am referring to, well here they are:

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Kinguin and 100,000 Euro SCAM! by Mr. Zhang